“LACE” Bible Study (Ladies After Christ’s Example) is our Women’s Ministry that meets on the 3rd Friday of each month at 7 pm. We gather in a home setting to create an atmosphere where women can grow in Christ and personally connect with other Godly women.



We encourage women to pursue the will of God for their lives and equip them with the tools needed to fulfill that purpose. Acts 2:17 says “I will pour out my Spirit on those who serve me, men and women both”., thus we know women play an important role not only at home and in their families, but also as leaders in ministry.



Ministry callings are not based on gender, so we fan the flame of what God is doing in each and every woman to the fullest. We know God has a mighty call on women to preach, teach, lead, and champion others towards Christ. It is our goal to help them steward their gifts well and mature them for all God has destined for them to achieve.



“LACE” Bible Study invites you to join us on this empowering journey!